venerdì, febbraio 10, 2006


Vertebrale vuoto di vassío.
Vicinanza del abyss si!
Y caída Vortice eh!

Balbettante virtuosismo erecto,
di anatemi naturales recto.

Entre el cielo y el ser la cuerda es tesa.
Y después?

Implosión del riflesso spontaneo.
Stagno immobile del espejo solipsismo.
Massivo Arresto Cardiaco per onanismo.
Patética uscita drammatica ¿que piensas?
Niente Arrebato de nothingnada can you think?
I can’t… anymore.

2 commenti:

ScarletSphinx ha detto...

What thinking does the heart need?

Does a heart attack or something attack the heart?

Tu corazon es muy apasionado ligero hermoso.

Lo siento

PerversoActor ha detto...

On the heart, in the heart of the heart a heart attack attacks... perhaps...

¿Un ataque al corazón o un ataque del corazón?

Do you love someONE or do you love something of someone?

What was first, the egg or the chicken? Mua ha ha ha ha.

Always this fucking line that is not!!

Movement in seek for balance... two provisional certainties.. just to live. This is my bet so far.
And believe me, either I'm really stupid or I just can't understand how come it was so hard to get them! Mua ja ja ja...
How sad! They sound like some kind of New Age stuff, or the answers given by some extraterrestrial master alien... I'm depressed again... Mua ja ja ja ja ja ja ja.
Wow... to many evil laughs today...

Anyway I had a great way to end this messagge and I have forgotten it!! Damm!!
I guess I'll have to wrap it the only way I can today.
Mua ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja

Un beso sentido,