domenica, gennaio 01, 2006


A computer rated my life today.
In this first day of always the same.
Four point One.

Man is the measure?
To date is to remember?

If we were really just a bit more away
of being the same as what we were
when the first measure was made,
I'd measure myself in this date
by the same always the same measure,
that keeps measuring
to this date,
of always the same,
the same measures.

So take your measures,
and please do not rate
this poetry that no poet to this date did,
please measure yourself.

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ScarletSphinx ha detto...

I followed the trail here...

Leave the lights out and a window open and I will crawl inside to visit again.
Scarlet Sphinx

Fancy Laces ha detto...

ooh my friend, you are so cute~