mercoledì, gennaio 04, 2006

Différance / Diferensia / Differenza

.I've been told: différance.
.Yet I don't listen.
Can you see The Line che non c'è?

¡No pasarán! ¡No pasarán! ¡No pasarán!

What frontier?
Your skin?
Your land?
Your tongue?
Your wall?
Your goods?
Your good?
Your God?
Or your

What's yours? Do not listen.

I see, a seer...
My fellow mexicans I have a dream.
Un sueño que no habla mi lengua.
Né quella di nessuno.
To come...

Encryptedly estrano por venir...
Recuerda l'oblivion avvenire...
Pobre weak e pazzo to come...
And it's done to come...

3 commenti:

ScarletSphinx ha detto...

Cuantos arboles hay en tu cabesa? Each one is a different dream that your tongue cannot express.


Fancy Laces ha detto...

the picture really scared me a bit in the beginning...but...nice photoshop skills one should say~as I'm sure you look as cute as your writing~

PerversoActor ha detto...

No no no flora florita, no photoshop skills. This picture was taken by the polish writer, painter, photographer and hypnotist Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz using long exposition times and a hipnotized guiney pig... Cool aint it!?